Zero Waste Travel Kit



  • Take going eco to the next level with our zero waste travel kit! It offers all you need to go waste-free when eating out: reclaimed coconut wood spork, sustainably harvested bamboo straw, cleaning brush—all carried in our upcycled eco travel pouch made from upcycled Mayan textiles which also doubles as a napkin!
  • Biodegradable and compostable, the reclaimed coconut wood spork is made from salvaged wood from coconut trees that are cut down when they’re old and no longer produce coconuts. Coconut wood has a beautiful, distinctively unique pattern. No two sporks are the same!
  • Each sustainably harvested bamboo straw is cut, cleaned, and finished by local artisans in Thailand. Fast-growing and highly renewable, bamboo is harvested without killing the plant and it can be grown without the need for pesticides.
  • The upcycled eco travel pouch is made at an Indigenous Mayan women’s cooperative in Guatemala where the artisans are trained and paid a fair wage.
  • If you use your zero waste travel kit for eating out once every day, you alone can prevent more than 4,400 single-use items from going to landfill every year! Small actions, big impact!


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