Our Mission

A cleaner planet for us and our children.

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Most of us want to make choices that are good for the planet but don't know where to start. Our small, everyday actions can result in big impacts. We can consciously choose plastic-free, eco-friendly alternatives that are healthier for you and for the planet.
At Ahimsa Eco Solutions, what we offer are not simply products: they are solutions. Our reusable line of solutions are made from the highest quality biodegradable, upcycled, and/or recyclable materials, resulting in less waste, less plastic, and no toxins.
Let's Make Shift Happen together, one choice at a time.

Where It All Began

After much planning and preparation, we took a year off to travel and to do some reflection on how we can be of greater service to this beautiful planet. In our travels, we've tried to tread as lightly as possible (we are aware of our carbon footprint, but we've been offsetting wherever possible), been to some of the most incredible places and met some of the most wonderful people. One thing that we noticed along the way was the environmental havoc that plastic pollution is wreaking on this planet.
In many of the countries we visited, we noticed piles of garbage beside roads and railroad tracks, mostly consisting of plastic and styrofoam. Some of the most beautiful remote beaches are covered with plastic debris of disposable cutlery, shoes, toothbrushes, bags, packaging, bottles—which wash up every day from all over the world, entangled in seaweed and partially eaten by birds, sea turtles and other marine animals. Plastic takes anywhere from 450 to 1,000+ years to break down, and it is destroying our planet. Even in first world countries where out of sight often means out of mind, we simply can't afford to have the mindset that "it's not our problem"—because it is a global issue that impacts us all.

Plastic-Free Solutions

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Our Vision

A healthier world for us and our children.

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