Sustainably Harvested Bamboo Straw

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  • A great alternative to disposable plastic straws, our sustainably harvested bamboo straw lets you help the planet with every sip!
  • Each sustainably harvested bamboo straw is cut, cleaned, and finished by local artisans in Thailand
  • Most bamboo straws are either raw and uncoated (they get moldy on the inside very quickly, often after only a few uses), or coated in a lacquer. Ours are better: they’re disinfected in vinegar, polished on the inside, and then soaked in a proprietary natural and non-toxic herbal solution for long-lasting bacteria- and mold-fighting awesomeness!
  • Bamboo is a highly renewable, eco-friendly resource, able to grow at up to 2 feet (0.6 metres) each day under optimal conditions. Bamboo is harvested without killing the plant, and it can be grown without the need for pesticides.
  • Since this bamboo is sustainably harvested and not grown in a plantation, straw widths/sizes may vary
  • Also available as part of our zero waste travel kit, which also includes an upcycled coconut wood spork, sustainably harvested bamboo straw, cleaning brush, and upcycled eco travel pouch!
  • Also available as part of our upcycled denim sleeve straw kit, which includes an upcycled denim sleeve, cleaning brush, and two natural sustainably harvested bamboo straws (regular and smoothie sizes)
  • If you use your sustainably harvested bamboo straw at every meal, you alone can prevent at least 1,095 plastic straws¬† from going to landfill every year! Small actions, big impact!


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