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Ahimsa Eco Solutions is comprised of Wesley Wright and Stefani Chan-Wright. Wes is an eco-geek from the concrete jungle, and Stef is a yoga teacher from the Borneo jungle. We launched Ahimsa Eco Solutions in January 2018 as a business-for-good that focuses on People, Planet, and Purpose. Danielle Humilde has since joined us as our Digital Marketing Coordinator! The word Ahimsa comes from the Sanskrit language and means to “do no harm”, which is the principle upon which we built our company.  

Here are some of the ways we demonstrate Ahimsa:

  1. No disposables—all of the eco-friendly products that we offer are reusable.
  2. All materials are non-toxic, and recyclable or biodegradable—food safe, organically sourced wherever possible, no leaching, no bisphenol-A (BPA) or bisphenol-S (BPS).
  3. We support small, local businesses (consciously run by families or co-operatives) as much as possible.
  4. We support the circular economy by offering products that are created using reusable, recycled or upcycled products.

We seek to go beyond sustainable practices to those that are regenerative.  Why aim for net zero when you can instead be net positive?

We also provide permaculture consults for homeowners, educational workshops to organizations and the public, and environmental consulting for businesses looking to exceed their environmental objectives and become a deeper shade of “green” (see below for further details).

a collage of Wesley and Stefani at a tree-planting event, and at waste collection events that they organized in India and Mexico
[Clockwise from top] A wedding site cleanup at a Hindu temple in Tamil Nadu, India (December 2016); tree planting in Ajax, Canada (Earth Day 2017); an ad hoc beach cleanup to collect plastic trapped in the seaweed in Tulum, Mexico (August 2017).


A cleaner planet for us and our children.


A zero-waste global society where everyone lives in harmony with each other and the planet.


Ahimsa Eco Solutions offers environmental consulting services to corporations of all sizes (SMEs and MNCs), helping them to shift to a triple-bottom line (wherein economic, environmental, and social benefits are considered). The services that we offer include: energy and water efficiency; life cycle costing and analysis; green optimization for waste/resource capture and beneficial reuse; operational and supply chain analysis (for sustainability and resilience); transitioning to Zero Waste; climate change planning (mitigation and adaptation), carbon footprinting and carbon neutrality.

Wesley integrates his knowledge of different fields such as environmental engineering, renewable energy, ecology and closed-loop systems design, circular economics, critical thinking, ethics, urban permaculture, organic gardening, sustainable planning/design, and solid waste management to help clients establish, meet — and often exceed — their environmental goals.

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