Seeds for Venezuela

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Seeds for Venezuela!

Ahimsa Eco sincerely thanks the following seed companies for having answered our request for seed donations to feed the impoverished people in Venezuela: McKenzie Seeds, Urban Harvest, Tourne-Sol Farms, and William Dam Seeds.  Because of their generous donations, hundreds of seeds have gone with our dear Venezuelan friend when he returned home, where they will be planted at a greenhouse and two ashrams (monastic communities). The fruits and vegetables will be used to help feed locals and to teach the importance of growing food and saving seeds (food security).


At one time, Venezuela was a prosperous country with an abundance of oil and a stable economy. However, since the 2014 economic recession, the conditions in Venezuela have worsened due to diminishing oil supplies, rising inflation rates, and the ensuing poverty. Every year since 2013, Venezuela has ranked at the top of the Global Misery Index. Inflation rates have exceeded 50% since 2014, and the International Monetary Fund estimates that inflation will rise to more than 2,000% in 2018. This hyperinflation, in conjunction with nationwide food shortages, has caused many Venezuelans to be unable to put food on the table for their families. Many families who were middle-class just a few years ago are now homeless and relying on soup kitchens. One kilogram (2.2 pounds) of rice or pasta costs the same as the monthly minimum wage. The economic crisis has driven many Venezuelans into sewage-strewn waters in hope of finding valuables (gold, silver, and other jewelry), and others look through garbage in search of food.


While it is true that this donation won’t fix the economic conditions in Venezuela, it will make a difference for the people.


Watch this BBC news report to learn more about the Venezuelan crisis:

For more info:

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