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  • A great alternative to disposable plastic cutlery, our upcycled spork & denim sleeve set is a compact way to be eco on the go for eating out…help the planet with every bite!
  • The upcycled spork & denim sleeve set includes an reclaimed coconut wood spork and an upcycled denim sleeve
  • The sleeve is made using upcycled denim offcuts from the jeans industry
  • Biodegradable and compostable, the spork is made from salvaged wood from coconut trees that are cut down when they’re old and no longer produce coconuts.
  • Coconut wood has a beautiful, distinctively unique pattern. No two sporks are the same!
  • Since the sleeve is made from denim offcuts, the shades of blue may vary
  • If you use your upcycled spork & denim sleeve set at every meal, you alone can prevent as many as 2,190 plastic spoons and forks from going to landfill every year! Small actions, big impact!

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