Eco Travel Pouch/Napkin (Upcycled Mayan Clothing)


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  • The blue napkin is made from repurposed Indigenous Mayan cotton skirts, naturally dyed using Mayan indigo
  • The pockets are made from upcycled Indigenous Mayan cotton blouses.  They come in seven different patterns, from five different Mayan communities (see “options” below for more details).  Each community has their own distinctive pattern and colours, which are related to their stories and customs.
  • Made at an Indigenous Mayan women’s cooperative in Guatemala where the artisans are trained and paid a fair wage.  Additionally, they receive workshops on nutrition, domestic violence, and valuing their work as women.
  • Can also be used as a (reusable and washable) napkin!
  • Custom designed for up to 2 people – two smaller pockets (each for a reusable drinking straw) and one larger pocket that can hold up to two wood sporks
  • Exclusive to Ahimsa Eco, these fair trade travel pouches are made from upcycled clothing that has been diverted from landfill and therefore will not bleed colour when washed.  However, to preserve the beautiful and vibrant colours, we recommend hand washing in cold water with a mild detergent.
  • Lightweight, strong, and durable
  • If you would like a specific pattern, please indicate in your order which one(s) you would like.
  • NOTE: These are small squares cut from a much larger textile; as such, pouches from the same blouse or shawl will vary.  Your product may differ from the photo shown for the pattern that you select.
  • Sporks and straws are sold separately.

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