Eco Coco Bundle



For the forest-saving eco warrior on the go!  Our Eco Coco Bundle includes a spork (spoon/fork), coconut bowl, and chopsticks – all made from reclaimed coconut wood and discarded coconut shells!

  • A great eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic (cutlery, bowl, and chopsticks)
  • All natural and non-toxic! Contains no plastic or nasty chemicals
  • 100% natural, biodegradable and compostable
  • The coconut bowl is made from discarded coconut shells that are typically considered waste and either incinerated or sent to landfill.  Instead, we’ve rescued them for a new life helping you to save the planet one meal at a time!
  • The spork and chopsticks are made from old coconut trees that are cut down when they’re old and no longer produce coconuts. Historically treated as waste, coconut wood performs as well as hardwood and is a commercially viable substitute for rainforest hardwood.
  • BPA-free and BPS-free
  • Reusable and easy to clean (hand wash only with mild detergent)
  • The fork tines are sharp (unlike most bamboo and wood cutlery)
  • Coconut wood has a beautiful, distinctively unique pattern. No two are the same!
  • Note: on occasion, extreme temperatures (freezer or exposure to very hot foods) can cause the reclaimed coconut bowl to crack
  • If you use your Eco Coco Bundle at every meal, you alone can prevent as many as 5,475 single-use items (styrofoam takeaway containers, plastic spoons and forks, and disposable chopsticks) from going to landfill every year! Small actions, big impact!

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