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To help reduce plastic waste, we’re offering a Compost Accelerator BYOB refill option at all our events in August-November and from select retailers. You can bring in your 500 mL Compost Accelerator bottle and refill it with our 15 L tote! To help encourage you to reuse your existing Compost Accelerator bottle, we offer a 20% discount on BYOB refills!!

NOTE: online purchase of this item is redeemable only for a BYOB 500 mL refill at an upcoming Ahimsa Eco event during August-November 2019.  You must select “local pickup” at checkout. Alternatively, you may BYOB refill at one of our retail partners who carry the 15 L Compost Accelerator container for refills. At present, this service is available at: Peterborough GreenUP Association (Peterborough, ON).

Made in Australia, this bokashi Compost Accelerator spray is a dynamic fermented fruit extract which contains Effective Microorganisms (EM-1) that work to ferment and help break down the kitchen scraps placed in the Urban Composter Family and Urban Composter City. It is a proprietary mixture of important probiotic, beneficial microorganisms that are known to work cooperatively to provide tremendous benefits for soil and plants. Each 500 mL (17 fl oz) bottle provides a 3-4 month supply, depending on use, so a 1000 mL bottle will provide a 7-8 month supply.

The Compost Accelerator not only helps to ferment your kitchen scraps to allow them to break down into compost within only 6 weeks (instead of as long as a year in a regular backyard compost bin), but the bokashi juice that collects at the bottom of your Urban Composter is a fantastic fertilizer for your garden and houseplants, and it also helps to revitalize septic systems (so go ahead and flush some of it down your toilet!). This bokashi juice is VERY potent! Use it diluted 1:100 (approx. 2 teaspoons per litre of water) for watering plants or soil (yes, it’s amazing for improving soil health too), or undiluted for drains and toilets/septic systems.

A 100% organic microbe solution, the Compost Accelerator is ideal for use in bokashi bins of all types and works much better than bokashi bran.

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