Grow Your Own Food (May 16-July 11)

  • Going beyond organic, this online series will teach you everything you need to know to grow your own food regeneratively and enjoy delicious and healthy garden-to-table meals in a way that works best for you and for the planet!
  • During these challenging times, one of the most empowering, impactful and regenerative things we can do for ourselves and the planet is to start growing some (or all!) of our own food.
  • This course is for everyone! No matter where you live, be it in a big metropolitan city or a rural countryside setting, in a house with a backyard or an apartment/condo, you will walk away from this course inspired, empowered and supported to start growing! We’ve done it all, and we will show you how!
  • Even if you’re already growing some of your own food, this 8-week course will show you how to do it in a way that maximizes yield while helping to regenerate your soil and your health as naturally as possible.
  • You will also learn about the fundamentals of a holistic nutritious diet and receive recipes and tips on what to do with your harvest, so that you can nourish yourself and your loved ones in the best possible way.
  • Shorten your food miles, your carbon footprint, and your waste footprint, all while regenerating the planet, taking your health back into your own hands, and tasting the freshest and most delicious produce you will ever eat!
  • If you care deeply about the planet and want to be a part of a like-minded/like-hearted eco community dedicated to co-creating a better, healthier world right from our own homes, then please join us for this life-changing journey!
  • For Ourselves. For Our Children. For the Planet.

What You Get

Eight inspiring and educational modules over Zoom (and video recordings that you can watch anytime during the course), Facebook Live Q&A sessions, and reference materials by two passionate instructors who live their environmental values and have over 50 years of combined experience in organic gardening and yoga/health/holistic nutrition.

A private Facebook community where you can share, support, inspire & be inspired to deepen your "Green" thumb! We'll also offer ongoing Facebook Lives on relevant topics, answering your questions and providing you with real-time support as you start your food-growing journey!

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Who are We?

Wes and Stef are the co-founders of Ahimsa Eco Solutions, a business-for-good dedicated to taking care of our planet. We live off the grid in the Gatineau Hills.

Wes has been organic gardening and composting for over 30 years. He integrates his knowledge of environmental engineering, permaculture design, urban planning, and organic gardening to help empower people and businesses realize their eco goals.

Stef is a holistic nutritionist, yoga teacher, and Ayurveda and wellness coach. She is a passionate advocate for the health of both people and the planet and coaches her clients on how to live in harmony with nature and eat their way to radiant health.

Session 1

(May 16, 10:30 AM-12:30 PM EST)

Getting Started

  • The "Why": Global snapshot of food-related environmental issues
  • What to grow: Choosing the best food crops for your diet, property and lifestyle
  • How to grow from seeds
  • Rural vs. urban, backyard vs. balcony

Session 2

(May 23, 10:30 AM-12:30 PM EST)

Food as Medicine

  • Fundamentals of holistic nutrition
  • Intro to Ayurveda
  • Choosing the right food for your individual constitution

Session 3

(May 30, 10:30 AM-12:30 PM EST)

Planning Your Garden

  • Sun, water, and microclimates
  • Container, raised bed, and garden bed: Which is right for you?
  • Vertical and intensive gardening
  • Companion planting
  • Naturalization and pollinator support
  • Edible landscaping

Session 4

(June 6, 10:30 AM-12:30 PM EST)

Feeding Your Plants Organically

  • What plants need to survive
  • Nutrient cycles and their roles
  • Soil heath
  • Soil types and amendments
  • Organic fertilizer options
  • Composting

Session 5

(June 13, 10:30 AM-12:30 PM EST)

How to Deal with Pests, Weeds, and Diseases Naturally

  • Pests are indicators
  • The benefits of crop rotation
  • Polycultures: nature rewards diversity!
  • When and how to water your plants
  • Strategies and recipes for pest control

Session 6

(June 27, 10:30 AM-12:30 PM EST)

Plant Medicine: Herbs and Weeds That Heal

  • Rethinking weeds
  • Wild vs. cultivated
  • Foraging vs. growing
  • Health benefits of different herbs

Session 7

(July 4, 10:30 AM-12:30 PM EST)

Radiant Recipes

  • Make your own medicine!
  • Tinctures, extracts and infusions
  • Healing salves and oils
  • Teas

Session 8

(July 11, 10:30 AM-12:30 PM EST)

DIY Day!

  • DIY: raised bed (use reclaimed wood if possible)
  • DIY: rain barrel from a repurposed container

Hear what participants
from our G.Y.O.F. and previous courses had to say!

"Wherever I go in rural communities in Tanzania, smallholder farmers are always complaining about SOIL infertility. They often tell me that, "We have to use chemical fertilizers more than two to three times to the crops. If we can't use them, we gain nothing". My country and the rest of leaders around the World do still support chemical fertilizers that are killing the SOIL in my local communities. Let's stand up to stop these menace that Conventional Agriculture with their Masters are doing. Biofertilizers methods including compost and Regenerative Agriculture should be the SHIELD to rely on for smallholder farmers around the world. Thanks to Ahimsa Eco Solutions for offering me these Biofertilizers methods and Regen Ag skills so that I can educate my local communities in Tanzania. I recommend everyone to join GYOF in order to gain crucial education on Regenerative Living based on Grow Your Own Food. If you grow your own food, you increase a great chance of reducing chemical consumption to your body. Conventional agriculture are nothing but destroyers of humanity. Smallholders farmers are the true future of food, that is why GYOF is conducting a series of training on May 16 until July 2021. Please, join me in these training so that we can save our families health and our planet."

Jackson B.

Kigoma, Tanzania

"Over the past few years, I've done a number of similar workshops and courses, and I can say with absolute confidence that it's not at all easy to find a course that so beautifully and practically connects the dots between growing food, human health, and planetary health! Not only have I learned so much that I never knew about the science and approaches to growing food, but I've also learned how it all connects back to my personal wellbeing, as well as that of the earth's - powerful knowledge, indeed! We're only a few modules in and I'm already walking away with a wealth of learnings that will inform and improve the ways that I both grow, consume, and appreciate food. Whether you're a master grower or a total beginner, there is truly something for everyone to learn. Between Stef's knowledge of holistic nutrition, yoga and natural healing, and Wes' wonderfully scientific and in-depth knowledge of the natural world, sustainable design, and earth-conscious food production, I couldn't think of two educators more equipped to share their expertise. It's been nothing short of a privilege to learn from you two. Thank you, Stef and Wes!"

Bianca D.

Toronto, Canada

"Thanks so much Stef and Wes for a great course! You are both so engaging, dynamic & knowledgeable, offering a truly holistic approach to learning how to grow our own food, best practices for regenerative living, as well as blending in Ayurveda & wild medicine - you pack a lot in 8 weeks! I feel so blessed to have found you & to have invested in this course. It has been a joy meeting up with you each week. You are so supportive & encouraging to folks like me who are real novices. I’ve already started putting into practice all the wonderful learning you have shared & I’m sure I’ll be referring to your learning modules & materials for years to come."

Marie-Josée L.

Ottawa/Val-des-Monts, Canada

"I was thrilled to take part in Stef and Wes’s “Grow Your Own Food” course over the last eight weeks. Stef and Wes did a wonderful job of presenting on different themes every week – their choice of modules are carefully selected to meet the interests and knowledge of a diverse array of gardeners – whether you’re just starting to grow plants or are a seasoned gardener. I also found their content was really well curated, informed by their on-the-ground experience of growing produce in different areas of the country, complemented by their knowledge of the most up-to-date evidence-based practices. Beyond just the content, Stef and Wes are the ideal instructors and moderators, in that they’re very well informed but are also truly engaging and accessible. I also really loved participating in the social media GYOF community they created! It was awesome to bounce ideas and thoughts off of others. I also missed a couple of sessions, but was able to access all the content from a separate portal. I live in downtown Toronto and consider myself very lucky to have a balcony that faces south, so there is a lot of potential to grow veggies, fruits and flowers. Based on this course, I feel like I’m walking away more empowered to grow my own produce (even on a balcony!); conscious of the positive impact I’m making in doing that; and better informed on how to optimize my growing techniques. Thank you for such a wonderful course Stef and Wes!"

Farrah A.-K.

Toronto, Canada

“Over the last few weeks with GYOF both Wes and Stefani have taught us many fundamentals in starting our own crop with educating us on the benefits of doing so. Both modules that we have covered have been incredibly informative with the food module being extremely interesting and enlightening. Their passions are truly shining through everything we learn! Truly the best course, would recommend it to all!”

Sarah P.

Ottawa, Canada

"Thank you Stefani and Wes for your very interesting and informative course on Grow Your Own Food. Every week, you share a wealth of scientific gardening information in simple « layman’s » terms which I can immediately apply to my Spring gardening, then later to Summer and Fall gardening. I am enjoying the opportunity to interact with you and the other members of the group by asking questions or by sharing my own limited gardening knowledge or tips. I look forward to our Zoom classes every week, followed up by your extra presentations or posts on our Facebook group. Your enthusiasm and passion for regenerative living definitely inspires us all to grow our own food and thus reap the many health benefits of backyard gardening."

Coleen P.

Fraserville, Canada

“First module in and my thumb already looks greener! Stef + Wes broke down the information so concisely, making us feel really confident about getting the gardening season started! I love that I can go at my own pace + go back to the recordings when I need to. They are both so clearly passionate about what they teach, making it such a pleasure to learn! Can't wait for what's next :)”

Ana O.

Toronto, Canada

“Sooo excited to make compost liquid gold for this year’s garden! Thanks Stef and Wes for all the knowledge in today’s workshop! Such great info!”

Isabelle B.

Wakefield, Canada

‘I LOVED everything about Make Shift Happen! I learned so much, it is really inspiring and amazing to connect with so many bright minds and motivated people online. The program was well planned and organised and so amazingly inclusive. Each webinar I learned so much and there was always space to ask questions and interact which I am grateful for. I would definitely sign up again!’

Stephanie P.

New Zealand

‘Stefani and Wes are doing great things by building an eco tribe, and helping to educate and inspire change within the community. I very much enjoyed each session, and I look forward to more educational workshops with them.’

Stephanie C.

Toronto, Canada

‘Such a knowledgeable seminar! Speakers really know what they’re talking about!’

Danielle H.

Toronto, Canada

Your Investment

US$400 (early bird price of only US$299 before May 7)

of which a portion will go towards reforestation and environmental protection initiatives. Ahimsa Eco will donate proceeds from this workshop to causes that help to regenerate soils and combat desertification.

We know that these are challenging times for many. Our mission is to create widespread meaningful change and empower as many people as possible to lead a Regenerative Life, so we are offering several half-price and free work-exchange scholarships for this online course. For the half-price scholarships (off the regular course price), please send us an email at detailing your situation and how this course will benefit you and your community.

For the work exchange scholarships, there will be no fee for the course in exchange for fulfilling certain work requirements throughout the duration of the course. Please send us an email at telling us more about your situation and how you would like contribute in an admin/social media support role.

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."
~ Audrey Hepburn

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