Ahimsa Eco x Fresh City Farms – Urban Composter Toronto Drop-off Location

  September 13th, 2019   0 comments


Ahimsa Eco and Fresh City Farms have partnered together to collect the fermented food scraps from our Urban Composter customers who are looking for a place to finish the composting process!


Urban Composter customers can now drop off fermented food scraps at Fresh City Farms’ Downsview Park location only (to finish off the composting process) on Sunday, September 15, 22 and 29, 2019 between 10:30 am-1:30 pm at their weekly U Pick event and receive 15% off your U Pick purchase! Their Downsview Park location is at 70 Canuck Avenue.


Special event: This Sunday, September 15th, Fresh City Farms is offering a free tour for Urban Agriculture Week at 11:30 am, along with their weekly U-Pick event!


Drop-off rules & regulations:

For Urban Composter customers only. Must only be food scraps that have been fermented in our Urban Composter system (fruits, veggies, eggshells, meat, fish). No large bones or non-food items. No tissues, food packaging, etc. Fruits and veggie peels must have stickers removed. 



About Fresh City Farms

Fresh City Farms is Canada’s largest commercial city farm! Located at Downsview Park, they organically grow on two acres and in greenhouses. It is where they run farm tours and events as well as many workshops (such as the Urban Agriculture Week event running next week)! As a member of the Member Farmer program, Fresh City Farms was able to establish and connect urban farmers to land, facilities, and a supportive learning community. Today, the program supports over 20 farmers as they pursue self-sufficiency and farming business dreams. Fresh City Farmers grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers. 


About Ahimsa Eco Solutions

Ahimsa Eco is a business-for-good that offers a range of next level eco solutions to tackle environmental problems including single-use plastics, food waste and microplastics. Most of our products support the circular economy by using upcycled, reclaimed and repurposed materials, and we strive to have the greenest supply chain possible by offsetting the carbon emissions from our shipments, as well as packing our orders using only repurposed, minimal packaging wherever possible. Our mission is to co-create a healthier planet for ourselves and future generations, and to contribute to a society where everyone lives in harmony with each other and the planet. 


About the Urban Composter

The Urban Composter is a quick and easy way to create compost from your kitchen waste. Stylish, clean and effective, the Urban Composter is a kitchen countertop composting system that turns your peels, food scraps and unwanted leftovers into nutrient-rich compost and liquid fertilizer for your garden. This revolutionary compost container doesn’t just hold your kitchen scraps en-route to the compost heap; it actually starts the composting process right in your kitchen without any bad smells. And you can compost not only fruits and vegetables, but also meat, fish, dairy, eggs, small bones and fats! The Urban Composter comes in two sizes: City for condo and apartment dwellers, and Family for larger households. Click here to purchase your Urban Composter.


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